""Turkey holidays""


Turkey is the crossroads of the eastern and western worlds, a land of mythology and history that has developed over the centuries into a vibrant modern nation. Today Turkey attracts holidaymakers with its blend of traditional heritage and contemporary high culture, as well as beaches, mountains and wilderness regions of unparalleled natural beauty.


Turkey's location in the eastern Mediterranean means its thousands of kilometres of coastline are blessed with plentiful sunshine throughout the year. Among the most most popular beach areas is the Bodrum peninsula, a landscape of rugged hills dividing the southern Aegean Sea from the Mediterranean. This is a well-developed region of modern seaside towns with all the facilities expected of a world-class tourist destination, including many golf courses and health-spas. While the regional centre of Bodrum has no beach itself, it has a picturesque old quarter and has become known for its open-air nightclubs and cosmopolitan party scene. The nearby seaside resorts boast some of the finest beaches in western Turkey, and are popular with families on holiday. Hotels here often sport large swimming pools, landscaped grounds, fine restaurants, live entertainments and activity programmes for children.

Further afield, the countryside of the peninsula is noted for its olive-yards, citrus groves and pine-covered hills. Visitors can take a short boat trip to ruins of the ancient Greek and Roman city of Ephesus - including the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The inland town of Pamukkale is also within easy reach - where visitors can swim in the famed terraced pools and cascades formed by water-borne minerals, laid down over hundreds of thousands of years.

East and south of Bodrum, the region around Dalaman is known as the Turquoise Coast after the brilliant blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This area is less-intensively developed than Bodrum, and is a paradise for swimming, sunbathing and water-activities. The Turquoise Coast has gained a reputation for adventure sports, such as white-water rafting on the Koprulu River, and paragliding at Oludeiniz. This coast too has many ancient sites, including the ruins at Perge, founded as a Greek colony more than 2000 years ago and later an important Roman port city.

Istanbul is one of the great cities of the world, a fast-paced modern metropolis inspired by more than 2000 years of history - from its founding as an ancient Greek colony, to the Byzantine period when it was the centre of the known world and the fount of Christianity in Europe, to the centuries when it served as the capital of the Ottoman Sultans. Among the city's most famous architectural treasures is the Blue Mosque, built in the 17th Century and named for the blue stone tiles that adorn its interior. Although it was built by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, its design includes features of Byzantine church architecture and exemplifies the mix of cultures that make up the modern city. The nearby Hagia Sophia, now also a mosque, was established in the 4th Century as a Christian cathedral - and for centuries served as the principle church of the Byzantine Empire. Modern Istanbul has largely set aside spiritual matters to concentrate on the mundane concerns of commerce and industry, but it retains a cultural brilliance expressed in art and design, music and dramatic performances, and its world-class cuisine.

Activities to keep you busy in Turkey

Turkey boasts of an endless line of sunny beaches, turquoise coast and crystal clear blue water. The Black sea area  has untouched beaches and fishing villages while the eastern part of Turkey has mountains and beautiful remnants of the ancient civilizations.

There are lots for you to do while in Turkey. With the country being surrounded by water, it is the dreamland for water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy scuba diving, surfing, swimming, yachting and river rafting while in Turkey.

The other activities you can indulge in while in Turkey are trekking, playing golf, cycling, skiing, plane gliding, archeology, hunting, parachuting and night clubbing. If this is not in your dictionary, you can just get mesmerized in the beautiful beach life the country offers or go walking in the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Attractions and shopping to indulge in Turkey

For a deeper insight the guided tours of the city to see the landmarks of the country are a great source of information and entertainment. The famous landmarks here include the Topkapi palace, Dolmabahce place, Ayasofys museum, Goremecappadocia, Safranbolu, Mt. Nemrut to name a few.

If you love shopping, you are sure to love haggling to buy souvenirs like handmade towels, artifacts, jewelry, carpets and  laces all at bargain prices. The cuisine in Turkey is reminiscent of Greek food and a great attraction to the country. You will find connoisseurs from the world coming here to taste the delicacies of Turkey like kebabs, Borek, Kofte and Pilaf .